NEWS! 2009 Congratulations, America! The Rattlesnakes wrote new SONGS! Even better, our music can easily be placed in your production, as our songs are available for placement through Peekaboo Perfect Space Explore, ASCAP.

WAITING... the movie, starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris will feature three songs by The Rattlesnakes. And, yes, we finally got our official IMDB entry. MTV's Camp Jim will feature music from the Rattlesnake's "I, Explosion!" album.  Various bits and samples will play throughout the season.  Watch the show and tell MTV how much you loved the music. 

The Seattle Weekly wrote a small article about the recent visit the Rattlesnakes paid to their beautiful town.  Hugs and kisses to the Charming Snakes and Broadcast Oblivion.    Read!  NEWS!  Artrocker's New Blood 3 has been released.   "Having banged on endlessly about the need for excitement in pop music Artrocker is happy to announce that the smile is back on the face of guitar music, the wave is now breaking on beaches all over the world, and we're all heading for the surf."  Compilation includes tracks from the Hot Snakes, Hellacopters, Rattlesnakes, Soledad Brothers, Bellrays, Detroit Cobras, Donnas, Flash Express, Weird War, & Pretty Girls Make Graves.  NEWS! 

Early In the Summer of 2003, the Rattlesnakes recorded "Cut the Line" with John Debaun in a communist studio buried in Burbank; afterward, we drove down to San Diego and recorded "Dead in the Water" with RFTC's John Reis in his super sexy studio lounge.  Then, my birthday.  Later, we met with the Bronx and talked politics.  Now, there is a seven-inch record available with our two new songs on one side and the Bronx on the other.  All tracks are amazing and were laid on beautiful colored vinyl.  You want it and can get it through the Redemption Recording Co. beginning Nov. 11th.  There will also be a CD version released shortly after if you are a baby.

If you are wondering what happened to The Rattlesnakes, we had two record labels offer us a deal. We played one against the other for more (fair) money and lost them both. So, now we have a record that has never been released and probably never will. If you would like to book the band you can email nathan.buckley at, but it will cost you a fortune since we don't really like you, your friends, or your music anymore.

Nathan Buckley [VOX] went on to start the half-hearted in 2009. Eric Buckley [GTR] has continued with music and redirected his energy into eric volcano. Aaron Owens [BSS] does what ever he wants and married one half of Katie the Pest. He is available for hire at his architectural rendering site. Candice Getten [GTR] is a secret. Brian Watson [DRM] started the Watts Ensemble. Adam Hayes [DRM] is designing Starcraft levels for the very popular Blizzard Entertainment. Corey Lanuevo [VOX] is still missing. We suspect foul play and probably the involvement of his long time grilfriend, Misty Ruinedhim. If you have seen either please send word.